Sicce/Supplier to MPS

The MPS-ADV  is the next generation of Sicce Silent range of pumps, with its ADVanced Synchronous motor performing higher flow rates at 50% less energy consumption which can be used for Marine air Conditioners.  

With its improved power consumption and technical details, Sicce is reconfirming their position as the synchronous motor pumps market leader.


  • Versatility: run internal or external; 360° rotational pre-chamber allows for horizontal or vertical positioning
  • Quiet Operation: polished, ceramic shaft and bearings with unmatched precision
  • Cooler Running: proprietary hydraulic design, higher quality materials, and a forced internal recirculation provide less heat transfer
  • Wet and Dry applications
  • Self-cleaning ceramic shaft impeller
  • Thermal protection to prevent overheating
  • Included hose fittings for flexible and rigid pipes
  • Longer life and silent operation with regular maintenance

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