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Boat Monitor with Bilge Sentry

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  • Many insurance companies offer discounts to boat owners who have installed remote monitoring systems. These systems provide valuable data to insurance providers, demonstrating the boat owner’s commitment to safety and risk reduction. In return, the insurance company rewards boat owners with lower premiums, leading to significant savings over time.


Sensar Marine has introduced a way for boaters to monitor their boats from their mobile phones, and be notified when their boat needs attention. To date, Boat Monitors have been installed in thousands of boats of all types, in harbors around the world.

Product Specs

Boat Monitor with Bilge Sentry  

Size and Weight


    Internal Battery

    • 40 days of power
    • Charges automatically when boat batteries charge

    Mobile Coverage

    • 4G Internal Antenna

    Boat Batteries

    • Connections for two battery banks
    • Support 12V ad 24V batteries
    • Warning voltage: 12.2V
    • Alarm voltage: 11.8V

    Bilge Pump

    • Notifies every time the bilge pump is running

    Bilge Water Level

    • Measures between 0 and 6 inches
    • Warning water level: 4 in.
    • Alarm water level: 5.5 in.

    Bilge Temperature

    • Measures between -4°F and 140°C
    • Warning temperature: 34°F
    • Alarm temperature: 28°F


    • Internal antenna

    Position Tech

    • Multi-GNSS-reciever

    Mounting Bracket

    • Height: 83 mm
    • Width: 90 mm
    • Depth: 28 mm

    Attachment for bracket and Bilge Sentry

    • 3M Industrial Tape
    • 28 mm screws