MPS Pump Sizing.


The Strainer and Air Conditioner Pump must be below the water line to operate. MPS Pumps are Magnetic Drive for fresh or saltwater and will supply 24/7 performance if installed properly. The pump can not operate longer than 30 minutes without proper water flow, to do so will cause the pump to fail. Operating Voltage for the MPS Pumps is 120 VAC or 230 VAC. Proper Electrical Connections must be made for safe operation; pumps are supplied with a 10’ Ft Cord. A 12,000 BTU marine Air Conditioner takes about 200 GPH to cool it, that’s not to say a 6000 BTU AC Will require half that amount. Strong water flow will only make your Air Conditioner more efficient because the water flow dissipates the heat generated by the AC faster.

First measure the distance vertically on were the pump is mounted to the height of the Air Conditioner, Second measure the distance from the pump to the Air Conditioner, for each 8’ Ft of horizontal run Add 1’ Ft of vertical distance. If the Pump is 5 FT below the AC and 15’ FT from the pump you have About 6.5’ Ft of head. Taking this into account and the supply line might not be a straight line to the AC And you have a 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner you will need the MPS 950, or the MPS 1200 This will give you more than enough water flow to cool the AC with a good margin for error.

Supply lines from the strainer to the pump should be ½’ or 5/8” depending on the AC and Boat Manufacturer, MPS Pumps are either ¾” NPT inlet & outlet or 1” NPT in & out. Use fittings with The correct NPT size for the pump and either ½” or 5/8” Barb fitting for the hose connection. The MPS pumps can be washed down and even run submerged, all hardware used is 316 Stainless Steel. Use Teflon tape to secure the fitting to the pump, do not use thread sealing compound.